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As in any other relationship one values, the therapeutic relationship begins with a spark of mutuality that comes from extreme comfort and a meeting of the minds.


Like a first date, you might come to the first appointment a little bit nervous, hoping you will like the therapist, hoping he/she will like you, and hoping that this will lead to a sturdy and fruitful relationship.


It’s hard to say why any two people work well together - but one thing is for sure, no matter what the methodology, you, as the client, should feel a sense of comfort and safety. Even if you come to the first meeting riddled with anxiety or hopelessness, you should leave with a feeling of being heard and understood, a feeling that, “I’m in good hands. I think this person can hear anything I may need to say.”   


And that is the beginning…


To me, understanding my client’s deepest desires and connecting to his/her feelings in a given moment are what I strive for. I do not have a rigid set of techniques for my work with adults or children. I draw on my psychodynamic background and experience to work in a way that I feel is suitable for each individual. The backdrop is psychoanalytic, insight-oriented psychotherapy, applying relational or behavioral approaches.


In my work with adults and children I still feel excitement and gratification to see them grow, feel better about themselves and be able to attain goals which they may not have been able to even put into words before therapy. This process does have a magic to it.

a man in a therapy session with the therapist taking notes
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